CP/M resources

z80 logo CP/M and other ancient operating system have a small, but loyal, following, and it seems to be increasing. I've decided to group all the CP/M stuff on my site, to make it easier to navigate. I have various new utilities for CP/M, and a bunch of technical articles.

Original CP/M utilities

There are all new utilities, written and maintained by me, and tested on real Z80-based CP/M machines. All are released under GPL licence terms, with full source code.

Name Description Architecture Manual Binary Source
scalc A simple programmer's calculator Z80 SCALC.TXT scalc.zip GitHub
cal Display a monthly calendar Z80 CAL.TXT cal.zip GitHub
du Disk usage reporter Z80 DU.TXT du.zip GitHub
kcalc Scientific calculator Z80/8080 KCALC.TXT kcalc.zip GitHub
life Conway's game of life Z80 LIFE.TXT life.zip GitHub
lz77 File compression Z80/8080 LZ77.TXT lz77.zip GitHub
ls File lister Z80/8080 LS.TXT ls.zip GitHub
cwordle Word guessing game Z80/8080 CWORDLE.TXT cwordle.zip GitHub
ws2txt WordStar file converter Z80 WS2TXT.TXT ws2txt.zip GitHub
wdate Read and set real-time clock on a machine with ROMWBW firmware Z80 WDATE.TXT wdate.zip GitHub
suntimes Display sunrise and suntset times, etc Z80 SUNTIMES.TXT suntimes.zip GitHub
ktrider Displays the 'Knight Rider' pattern on RC2014 front panel LEDs Z80 KTRIDER.TXT ktrider.zip GitHub

Articles about CP/M

CP/M emulator for Pi Pico

I've written a self-contained CP/M emulator for the Raspberry Pi Pico, with emulated hard disks in the Pico's flash memory. It's ready to be connected to a terminal emulator using a USB cable. Purely by coincidence, it runs CP/M programs under emulation at roughly the same speed as a real CP/M machine. Full details here.

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