November 2020

Using an I2C analog-to-digital converter chip with the Raspberry Pi, from the ground up

This article is about using an I2C analogue-to-digital device for applications like reading sensor values or monitoring backup batteries. With all the technical bits left in.

Categories: Raspberry Pi, electronics, embedded computing, C

Using the FreeType library to render text nicely onto a Linux framebuffer

Writing graphical applications for minimal and embedded Linux systems can present a challenge. One of the problems is producing nicely-rendered text without the facilities that a graphical desktop would provide. This article describes how to use the FreeType library to render text to the Linux framebuffer.

Categories: software development, C, Linux, embedded computing, Raspberry Pi

Examining simple build and deployment operations on OpenShift 3/4

See how OpenShift 3/4 deployment works in detail, using only command-line tools.

Categories: OpenShift

Why pitch is not the same as frequency

In many cases, pitch is just the musician's way of saying frequency. However, pitch has a perceptual element to it, and the ear can be fooled. This article explains one of the ways in which this can happen, and why it isn't correct to use the terms pitch and frequency interchangeably in music.

Categories: mathematics, music