Developing micro-microservices in C on Red Hat OpenShift

Although Java dominates the webservices world, there are gains to be made by considering the use of lower-level lanaguages like C, particularly in a containerized, microservice architecture. This article describes one way to implement a webservice for Red Hat OpenShift, and similar systems, using C and an ultra-lightweight container base image.

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How does Camel-K actually work?

Camel-K is a relatively new technology for deploying Apache Camel routes directly to an OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster. There is a lot of hidden complexity; this article exposes some of it.

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How the Fabric8 Maven plug-in deploys Java applications to OpenShift

This article describes in detail the steps the Fabric8 Maven plug-in carries out when deploying an application to OpenShift.

Categories: software development, Java, OpenShift

Exploring Java 17's container-awareness features

How Java's container awareness feature works with simple (Docker/Podman) containers, and OpenShift pods.

Categories: OpenShift, software development, Java

Deploying the Mosquitto MQTT message broker on OpenShift (part 2)

Part 2 of my article on installation the Mosquitto MQTT message broker on OpenShift.

Categories: OpenShift, middleware

Deploying the Mosquitto MQTT message broker on OpenShift (part 1)

This article describes a method for deploying the Mosquitto MQTT message broker on OpenShift. Such an installation might potentially be useful in its own right, but the main purpose of the article is to discuss issues that are relevant packaging any application in an OpenShift-compatible way.

Categories: OpenShift, middleware

Examining simple build and deployment operations on OpenShift 3/4

See how OpenShift 3/4 deployment works in detail, using only command-line tools.

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Using Podman to deploy an image directly to OpenShift 4

This article describes how to deploy a container image direct from a local repository to an OpenShift 4 cluster, and instantiate a pod based on that image.

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