February 2021

Reviving old keyboards for Arduino

Although connecting a USB keyboard to an Arduino-type microcontroller without addition hardware can be tricky, there are no such problems with many 90s keyboards. This article is about giving new life to old keyboards, by using them as input devices for microcontroller projects.

Categories: Arduino, embedded computing, retrocomputing

Building a custom mechanical keyboard from scratch

There are many kits and plans available for constructing miniature mechanical keyboards. But what do you do if you want a layout the nobody else seems to use? Build it from scratch.

Categories: Arduino, embedded computing, C

More like Windows every day

The ease of installation and use of modern desktop Linux distributions comes at a price. I review a couple of low-complexity alternatives to mainstream Linux distributions: Alpine and Devuan.

Categories: general computing, Linux

Why the fascination with retrocomputing?

Why do so many IT professionals like to tinker with vintage computers and software?

Categories: general computing, retrocomputing

The planet Vulcan: a cautionary tale that deserves to be better known

Why was the non-existent planet Vulcan so frequently sighted by astronomers in the nineteenth century, and what can contemporary scientists and science students learn from this episode?

Categories: science and technology, education