July 2022

How to write a technical or scientific report

Some guidance, mostly for science and engineering students, on how to write a scientific or technical paper. I've updated this slightly to deal with the rise in web-based publication but, frankly, I don't think that different standards apply to electronic and print reporting.

Categories: education

Understanding Java's functional interfaces

Functional interfaces are allow Java programmers to write methods whose arguments are lambda functions. How does this work, and why would it be useful?

Categories: software development, Java

How Microsoft Windows killed the palmtop computer

1999 was the golden year of palmtop computing. Within a couple of years, palmtops were obsolete. Why?

Categories: retrocomputing

Using Podman to deploy an image directly to OpenShift 4

This article describes how to deploy a container image direct from a local repository to an OpenShift 4 cluster, and instantiate a pod based on that image.

Categories: software development, OpenShift