September 2023

Snake oil: 4K displays on smartphones

The screen resolution of smartphones has increased dramatically over the last ten years. Have we reached a point where further improvement is just a waste of money?

Categories: snake oil

Command-line hacking: displaying system temperature

Using simple file and string handling techniques in the Bash shell.

Categories: Linux, command-line hacking

Is your fitness watch lying to you?

People are increasingly using smart watches and fitness watches for tracking health metrics. Is it wise to do so? (Short answer: probably not.)

Categories: science and technology, snake oil

They don't make 'em like that any more: NVIDIA Shield K1 tablet

Despite its low initial price, the Shield K1 continues to put modern Android tablets to shame.

Categories: TDMTLTAM

Some thoughts on always-on OLED displays on smart watches

Why an expensive smart watch is still less good than a cheap Timex, when it comes to telling the time.

Categories: electronics

Does the use of custom Android ROMs improve or worsen security?

This question is not particularly easy to answer, but understanding the implications helps.

Categories: general computing, security