June 2023

Serial device mapping in CP/M

CP/M only recognized four serial devices. How did application cope when more than four serial ports were installed?

Categories: retrocomputing, Z80

Using a CP/M machine to log into a Linux server using an RS232 connection

Because -- why not?

Categories: retrocomputing, Z80

Using flash memory as non-volatile storage on the Pi Pico microcontroller

The Pi Pico is an impressive microcontroller for its size and cost, but it lacks specific non-volatile memory. This article explains how to use the program flash ROM for that purpose.

Categories: software development, C, Linux, embedded computing, Pico

Some thoughts on a DS1302 real-time clock board for RC2014/Z80 and CP/M

Constructing and programming a real-time clock board for my Z80 CP/M system

Categories: C, electronics, Z80, retrocomputing

Constructing and programming a YM2149 sound board my RC2014 Z80 system

An 80's-style 8-bit computer has to be cable of making 80's 8-bit sound. In this article I describe adding a sound board to my RC2014 system.

Categories: electronics, Z80, retrocomputing

Exchanging files between an SC130 CP/M board and a Linux system

This article describes a couple of methods for sharing data and code between a CP/M system with RomWBW BIOS and a Linux system.

Categories: C, electronics, Z80, retrocomputing

Updating, building, and flashing RomWBW on an SC130 CP/M system

A step-by-step guide to building and installing a modified version of the RomWBW firmware on a CP/M Z80 board.

Categories: Z80, retrocomputing