January 2023

Why 'int x = 0' is uninitialized data to the GNU C compiler

An oddity of the GCC C compiler that can lead to strange results, particularly in an embedded application

Categories: C, embedded computing

Using ImageMagick to generate anti-aliased bitmap fonts for a microcontroller's LCD display

This article describes how to generate and use compressed, anti-aliased font data, for use in a microcontroller application.

Categories: C, Linux, embedded computing, Pico

Using the Maxim DS3231 I2C real-time clock in C on the Raspberry Pi Pico

The Maxim DS3231 I2C real-time clock is a reasonably accurate, inexpensive device, that is easy to interface to the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Categories: C, embedded computing, Pico

pico-photo-clock: an easy-to-construct Pi Pico desktop photo clock

This article describes how to construct a desktop photo clock using a Raspberry Pi Pico and some solder-free peripherals.

Categories: embedded computing, Pico

The Pi Pico, two years on

I've been using the Raspberry Pi Pico for embedded projects for the last two years or so. What do I think of it now?

Categories: embedded computing, Pico

Some thoughts on the Waveshare 3.5-inch LCD/SD module for the Raspberry Pi Pico

This is a versatile touchscreen display module with a strikingly low cost. But is it any good?

Categories: embedded computing, Pico