June 2022

Using the new pluggable active/passive management framework in Apache Artemis

The Apache ActiveMQ Artemis message broker holds out the possibility of real shared-nothing replication. The problem, though, lies in coordinating the active and passive brokers in the cluster. This article describes the new active/passive management framework, and how to use Apache Zookeeper as the source of authority on cluster roles.

Categories: middleware

You be the linker -- building Hello, world from scratch, in hexadecimal

This article describes how to write a trivial program for Linux using no compiler tools at all, but entering machine language directly in hexadecimal. Because we can.

Categories: software development, Linux

Embedding resources into executables built using GCC

Sometimes it's helpful to be able to create an executable program that embeds all the data it needs, and provide that data as files. C/C++ do not provide any standard way to do this, but GCC has facilities that the developer can use.

Categories: software development, C

Did aliens really talk to us in binary code at Rendelsham Forest?

It isn't often that coding theory can be used to evaluate a claim of a UFO encounter. Here is one instance where it can.

Categories: science and technology, mathematics

They don't make 'em like that any more: the Lenovo W520

In praise of an iconic laptop computer.

Categories: TDMTLTAM