January 2021

Peli Protector case as a rugged enclosure for a Raspberry Pi-based field terminal

Peli cases have a reputation of robustness, and look like a promising way to implement a rugged terminal using a Raspberry Pi.

Categories: Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi and touchscreen case that anybody can make

This is a design for a robust, wooden enclosure for a Raspberry Pi, battery power supply, and touchscreen, that can be made using hand tools.

Categories: Raspberry Pi, embedded computing, electronics

Using Linux command-line tools for programming the SparkFun Pro Micro microcontroller (and similar)

Although building and deploying a simple program to an Arduino board is a point-and-click operation using the Arduino IDE, implementing more complex programs requires more robust build tools. This article describes how to build on Linux using command-line tools -- a process that is nowhere near as easy as it should be. If we can build using command-line tools, we can manage a project using Makefiles and similar techniques.

Categories: Arduino, embedded computing, C

Building and programming a USB keypad from the ground up

The first step towards designing and building a custom keyboard, from the very first principles, using an Arduino-type microcontroller.

Categories: Arduino, embedded computing, C