September 2020

Why is covid-19 testing so unreliable? A pictorial view

The UK Government's response to the covid-19 is to 'test, test, test'. This article demonstrates in pictorial terms why this strategy will catastrophically overestimate the number of people actually infected, leading to widespread disruption.

Categories: science and technology, mathematics

How to run a shell script from a Java application

Running a shell script from a Java program using Runtime.exec() appears simple. In practice, there are many pitfalls. This article describes how to avoid at least some of them.

Categories: software development, Java

Java as a scripting language: new auto-compilation features in Java 11

New auto-compilation features in Java 11 give Java the potential to behave more like a traditional scripting language, such as Perl or Python. But how useful are these features in practice?

Categories: software development, Java