September 2020

Why is covid-19 testing so unreliable? A pictorial view

The UK Government's response to the covid-19 is to 'test, test, test'. This article demonstrates in pictorial terms why this strategy will catastrophically overestimate the number of people actually infected, leading to widespread disruption.

Categories: science and technology, mathematics

How to run a shell script from a Java application

Running a shell script from a Java program using Runtime.exec() appears simple. In practice, there are many pitfalls. This article describes how to avoid at least some of them.

Categories: software development, Java

The nuts and bolts of anonymous inner classes in Java

Many of the standard Java APIs make extensive use of anonymous inner classes, to provide features that in other language would be provided using lambda functions or closures. However, anonymous inner classes have limitations that many developers find difficult to understand and to work with. This article explains why this is the case.

Categories: software development, Java

Java as a scripting language: new auto-compilation features in Java 11

New auto-compilation features in Java 11 give Java the potential to behave more like a traditional scripting language, such as Perl or Python. But how useful are these features in practice?

Categories: software development, Java