January 2022

Getting back into C programming for CP/M

This article is about how programming for CP/M, usng a 40-year-old C compiler, differs from modern C development, even for console applications.

Categories: retrocomputing, C, Z80

ARM assembly-language programming for the Raspberry Pi

A series of simple, progressive examples that demonstrate the essential features of programming in ARM assembly language.

Categories: Raspberry Pi, software development, embedded computing, assembly

Writing new interactive fiction games for CP/M using PunyInform and Linux

It's still possible to write text adventure games for CP/M and other small, vintage computers. Here is one approach, using Linux as the development platform.

Categories: retrocomputing, Z80

Converting a floating-point number to a fraction (approximately) using continued fraction expansion

A detailed description of a method for performing this common numerical conversion, with C source code.

Categories: mathematics, C

Multi-source Z80 assembly programming for CP/M

How to use Microsoft's Macro80 and Link80 utilities on CP/M, to build a program consisting of multiple assembly-language files.

Categories: retrocomputing, Z80, assembly