Kevin Boone

Using Apache Avro for passing Java objects through a message broker

Avro logo Avro is a compact, schema-based data representation that is becoming increasingly important in messaging applications. See how it might be used with JMS.

Command-line hacking: Moon phases

terminal Estimating the phase of the Moon using the Linux Bash shell and standard command-line utilities.

Kafka Connect from the ground up

Kafka logoA simple demonstration of Kafka Connect, from first principles. Part 1 of a series.

Container from scratch

Tux logoContainers have become hugely important in the IT industry, and Linux provides numerous technologies to build, run, and orchestrate containers. This series of articles demonstrates how to build a minimal, but workable, Linux container infrastructure from the ground up, using only command-line tools.

Getting to grips with JMS shared subscriptions

activemq logo A step-by-step introduction to this poorly-understood feature of JMS 2.0.

Android custom ROMs: are they a security hazard?

Lineage logo Cellphone vendors warn about installing 3rd-party firmware, but their own security standards are not above reproach. Which is the least worst approach to security?

Bayesian statistics for beginners

horse An explanation from first principles of this much-misunderstood principle of statistical inference.

A very brief overview of Kotlin for Java developers

Kotlin logo A concise summary of how Kotlin compares with Java, and how Kotlin code runs on a Java JVM.

Rolling your own minimal embedded Linux for the Raspberry Pi

Pi logo A series of articles on building your own Rapsberry Pi Linux installation, for lightweight, appliance applications.

Why the fascination with retrocomputing?

termainal Why do so many IT professionals like to tinker with vintage computers and software?